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The Palestinian Question

Often-almost twice a week, just enough to normalise it- today’s politmedia serves us that old chestnut & terminal bad penny conscience issue referred to as “The Palestinian Question”. This immediately places the issue in an abstract context, it gives the observer an escape clause to defer from any deeper investigation, moral responsibility or emotional involvement, … Continue reading

  • In the sanitised Newspeak of today's politmedia we often hear that old chestnut & terminal bad penny conscience issue Palestine, referred to as "The Palestinian Question". This immediately places the issue in an abstract context, it gives the observer an escape clause to defer from any deeper investigation, moral responsibility or emotional involvement, as if to say "Ah, the Question of Palestine! Well I guess that makes it an intellectual issue & intellectual issues are best given long & considerable thought.." at which point the entire thought process is shanghaied by the Question of what to have for dinner tonight & which reality TV show to vegetate out to after that. Since however, it is Sunday morning, with dinner & soporific televised pabulum still many hours away yet, let's while our minds are fresh with the crispness of the morning, consider a quick answer to The Palestinian Question. Best solution? The World Community grows a collective backbone & sanctions the Hell out of Israel-especially the USA, Britain, the EU et al who sell them their weapons & actively enable Israel to evade accountability for the awful, awful monstrosities it institutionally commits every day. Make no mistake, this is not a Semetic/Jewish issue as they would have you believe or fear. The core objectives of Zionism are in total contravention of Judaic commandments as laid down in the Torah & a huge number of the world's Jews do not support the racist & nationalist beliefs of Israel's Zionist fascist cause. To say Zionism equates to Jewishness is the same as saying all Germans are Nazis. In fact, some of the most vocal & proactive activists against Israel & Zionist nationalism are Jews & Israelis who cannot stomach what is happening-and has been happening for over 60 years. Israel needs to be dismantled as a state; it is what is known as an "Insane State", a rampant, mad dog nationalist committed to ethnic cleansing, war on its neighbours & greed. Israel has no respect at all for international law, UN resolutions or human rights. Under definition of international law Israel doesn't even qualify for recognition as a legitimate state because it commits acts of terrorism. Terrorism however, only applies to Arabs, Muslims & enemies of Zionism/Capitalism. These bastards are so cold blooded & brazen they have taken the 1940's Holocaust & turned it into a publicity stunt. A foil to discredit & smear their detractors with as anti-semites, Nazis & racists while the whole time they are undertaking a Holocaust of their own right under the world's nose. The Holocaust that the world said could never happen again is happening again, today, right now & it is being committed by people who claim to have been victims of the original. How all those old Nazis must be chuckling in their graves at the irony of it all, the race they nearly wiped out, having their suffering hijacked, marketed & turned into an industry to commit the crime of the century that they, they original victims will bear world condemnation for. Everybody is a victim every minute that this sick, brutal farce is allowed to continue- including the Jewish people themselves. Here is a link to the Emmy Award winning documentary by Emad Burnat, Five Broken Cameras . If the beauty & humanity in the Palestinian people the film centres on doesn't move you then nothing will. The resolve & dignity in which they face down the ugliness & hatred of the Israeli settlers stealing their land & burning their olive groves while their IDF thugs murder them, reveals the two absolutely polar opposites of the human moral compass. This film was shot by handheld camera, it is essentially a home video compiled over five years, documenting the ordeal of a small rural Palestinian village that falls into the path of rapacious Israeli settlers. Something many people don't understand about the war against Palestine is that the Zionist mandate isn't just about land grabbing & suppression of evil Palestinians firing ineffective homemade rockets at Tel Aviv; it is ethnic cleansing, a cultural genocide. Israel's practices are more & more designed to destroy the very identity of the Palestinian people themselves. Late night raids on randomly chosen Gaza families where a child is selected, arrested, blindfolded & taken away for months to detention centres where they are systematically broken. This is done to destroy these people psychologically as a collective, rob them of what security they have left, to traumatise parents & children alike, tear apart family units to bring about the long term dissolution of the communities they belong to. They burn their olive groves, they time their rocket & airstrikes for the times of day when schools are filling & emptying so they can kill children. Israel's military bomb schools, hospitals & police stations with white phosphorus which is a chemical weapon they use illegally against civilians. Palestinian children are seized off roadsides by IDF soldiers & tied to the fronts of (U.S made) Humvees as human shields to prevent the residents of Gaza using the only pitiful weapons they have left against them, the rubble of their own homes. If this sounds like inflammatory stretching of the truth then satisfy yourselves & prove it wrong-go straight to YouTube & look for yourselves because it's all there & it's been there all along. One of the most salient woes in this entire travesty is that the evidence is as easy to find as a Yellow Pages listing but very few people care enough to look. Heck, I'll even get you started; hit this. If you knew what I have learned, you would suddenly find you no longer have a vocabulary that equips you to describe the disgust & utter despair you feel knowing that this happens while the world looks on & Western governments don't just turn a blind eye but are directly complicit. If there are truly roots of evil in the world then Israel is the worst of them.
  • It is a popular custom among publishing & general media circles at the end of each year to bestow fatuous awards upon villains & heroes who featured in keynote events of that year. Out of character with our usual clearly voiced distaste for the falseness & fascileness of mainstream media, Machiavelli's Dunny feels there are people & events that need revisiting for either their foulness or their fairness. Our list could make up several pages & we may yet amend its contents on further reflection. At this point however, we present you a shortlist of champions & crooks. Without further preamble, we deliver you, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Awards of 2013. The Good The Prometheus Award for attaining immortality through being a part of living history goes to Nelson Mandela. Obviously the award is awarded [only just] posthumously. We'll not bore you by regurgitating the self-serving political & media circus that surrounded Mandela's death & subsequent laying in state. The world's leaders flocked to it in an orgy of navel gazing & back slapping-not to mention hugging of how far human rights have come since Nelson Mandela first became a known political prisoner & polarising figure for the anti-apartheid movement. In reality Africa, Asia & the Middle East are worse off than ever due to the predication of global corporations & the governments who serve them. Why we recognise Mandela with the Prometheus Award is because he proved, as did Mahatma Ghandi before him, that human beings are capable of galvanising themselves to bring about peaceful change & progress using intelligence, reason & rational tactics. Also worth meditating on is a reflection on how much change has occurred over the course of Mandela's lifespan. The Daniel Award for putting integrity before self goes to Edward Snowden. Everyone knows who & what he is & did, so repeating those details is unnecessary. This man struck a blow for every person on this planet not involved in The Great Conspiracy. He not only risked his life to set the truth free & expose arrogance & deceit so unprecedented that it shocked the whole planet, but he also knowingly gave up the life he had for one of flight, hiding and fear-not to mention isolation, persecution, uncertainty & the loss of all he owned & those he held dear. Why? Because he had the personal conviction to draw the line on his unwitting complicity in a global apparatus that spied on the world illegally. Analogous to the biblical parable of Daniel, Edward Snowden, like Daniel, drew the line where the Scripture did--"he would not eat the king's food or drink the king's drink". Taken literally there is little relevance, however if put into context with the spiritual symbolism represented by "The King's food & drink" in the biblical parable, we realise that to Daniel it was ungodly -Pagan, and therefore in consuming it he would be knowingly abandoning his faith & his god. Snowden refused to eat King NSA's food or drink because it too, was unholy & would make him complicit in its evil. Based on the strength of his own convictions & his integrity, he refused to not only participate, but heroically exposed the wrong to the world. Credit to him, he is also our Overall Champion of Human Hope Award winner for 2013. Relatedly, gangster principled president, Vladimir Putin receives the Sex Pistols, I only Did It For The Fame Award for granting Edward amnesty in Russia-he really hates Obama does Vladimir & in granting amnesty to Snowden he showed him just how much, while still looking like a good guy to the watching world. Regardless of his motive, Snowden is safe now. Closer to home, the Too Good To Be Wasted On The National Party & Telling It Like It Is Awards both go to National MP for Pakuranga Maurice Williamson. Williamson eloquently (and all too briefly) made himself a world sensation with his "Gay Rainbow over Pakuranga" speech  supporting the gay marriage bill before parliament. Williamson makes a humorous, down to earth observational speech, mocking the ridiculousness of society's presumptions over who we may choose to love & share our lives with. Whilst doing so Maurice also showed us that it is actually possible for politicians to behave ethically, with genuine empathy for the people they serve. Cue applause please. Kim Dotcom deserves an award in the Good category as well. We found it tricky to find a classification for him however, so we created one; The Pillsbury Doughboy-Show The Battlers How to Battle Award goes to Kim. He's stuck to his guns in the face of an overwhelmingly resourced enemy & has outed & fought institutional obfuscation & incompetence ranging to outright corruption in the NZ Government, the NZ Police, the GCSB, the Federal Bureau of Inquisition, not to mention the fat cats in Hollywood & elsewhere howling for his blood for sharing their pie out, oh & that's right, let's not forget the U.S Federal Government. Kim has proven himself to be immensely resourceful, courageous & resolute in fighting what is effectively thuggish governmental steamrolling to put his head on a stake as a warning to all who may dare attempt to challenge a paper tiger Zionist monopoly. We wish Kim the best, & cannot allow ourselves to believe that even in a country with such terminally diseased leaders as ours, that our judicial process would fail to stand up for his rights. Here at The Dunny in fact, we hold hope that the jolly giant may feature proactively in our country's future-Prime Minister perhaps, or Mayor of Auckland at the very least. Ella Yelich-O'Connor AKA Lorde: This young woman is almost Christ-like in her potential to effect positive influence, hope & optimism in the upcoming generation. Not only that, she is beautiful, intelligent, well read and she comes from NZ. Young Miss Lorde doesn't write & sing about manipulating boys with her sex appeal, she doesn't promote self-worth through owning brands or chasing materialism as a path to self actualisation- in fact, she has defined herself by her opposition to that mentality. Instead Lorde writes & sings clear, simple lyrics with a powerful voice & visual presence to celebrate values that her generation & probably a few before have been robbed of by cynical marketeers, a soulless music industry & corporations bent on creating brand addiction. The tangible effect  of this polarising young artist is already evident by a dip in Hydrogen Peroxide sales & hair straighteners. Kiwi girls are dropping the generic, blond image they've identified themselves with and returning to their natural hair colour and form. They're liberating their dress sense from what can only be bought in Westfield Malls & reaching beyond bleach & Thin Lizzy for their look. We salute you Ella, you're another example of human awesomeness that gives us hope for a higher being potentially evolving from the greedy, vicious, stupid apes that make up the majority of humanity. The Dunny bestows the Diacetlymorphine Divergence Award to Lorde for being pure Heroine of a new & spectacular kind. Don't ever let them get you girl. The Bad Without wishing to sound negative readers, this is a tough category for the simple reason the are so many. As Ford Fairlane said...(click and see what he said). The Supreme Brickbat of the Year, along with the dispensation For Suffering From a Certain Lack of Truthfulness & also The Yellow Brick Road Award for skipping along said road with big business cronies while thumbing his nose at the People of New Zealand all go to the Right Honourable John Key, Prime Minister of NZ. We won't justify Mr Key further fuel for his arrogance, nor will we bother to offer many words as explanation for his receipt of the above (all journalists are knuckleheads anyway, right John?), however we will reiterate our absolute commitment to outing his un-Kiwi activities. This bugle of free speech believes John Key & his cabinet to be guilty of flagrant disregard for constitutional laws of this county's legislation & in the service of big business cronies both here and overseas to further their own interests. Mr Key's personal arrogance towards the NZ voter has been appalling. So has the manner in which he has pushed through so many unpopular, poorly referenced or researched & anti-libertarian policies & acts of Parliament. This year alone we had the so-called "Anadarko Bill" which quashed the rights to protest [effectively] at sea. Following immediately in the heels of this-in fact, largely processed prior to the act being passed the NZ Govt issued permits to said same Texan oil firm Anadarko to explore by drilling using deep-sea prospecting rigs with controversial safety guarantees. This is now being challenged by Greenpeace in court, based on the organisation's contention that due diligence was not followed by authorities to assess real risk & an incident response plan should an accident occur that could cause damage to NZ's marine ecosystem. As well as this Key railroaded the GCSB spying bill through, having manipulated privilege to limit opposition. He changed a law retroactively following a high court judgement against his government regarding social assistance to caregivers of the disabled, which thus voided said judgement. The process by which this was done was completely redacted & was furnished to MPs in parliament as a book of completely blacked out pages. Effectively they backdated a dodgy law change to predate the highest court in the land's decision & then refused to disclose how, or by what legal process this was achieved. Other famous politicians known for this form of legislating were Messrs Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin & Chairman Mao Tse Dong.  In fact, the sins manifested by John Key in the course of this year alone are too many to list here, so we refer you to our contemporary The Standard, for further detailed editorials on the subject John Key. Quick list: Ian Watkins singer of disbanded rock group Lostprophets; jailed for 29 years for raping children, babies & coercing their mothers to assist and take part. Quoted as claiming it was "nothing to make a fuss about" & "Mega LOLz", we are Awarding Watkins the Burn in Hell Award & we sincerely hope that facing 29 years as a celebrity nonce, in a British prison with the accompanying supplementary punishments administered by his fellow inmates- not famous for their tolerance of pedophiles- will make burning in Hell seem like an infinitely preferential option. Asshole. Ariel Castro; abducted & imprisoned three young women whom he kept for around a decade as sex slaves. One of the women bore a child to him. The women were discovered & freed by chance when a neighbor heard victim Amanda Berry screaming for help after finding Castro had lapsed his security precautions as he went out. Castro was indicted & ultimately sentenced to 1000 years jail. Despite being deemed a high risk prisoner & on intense watch, he was found hanged with a bed sheet not long after his sentencing. An investigation quickly ruled in favour of suicide as COD & looked no further. If Castro had assistance booking his ticket off this mortal coil we salute those Samaritans that so kindly assisted him. Castro deserves no kind of award whatsoever, however those sheet wranglers deserve The Horseman Award for rare righteous justifiability in summary justice. Justin Bieber because he's Justin Bieber, a product designed not for art, but to make lots of money from people who have become so culturally de-educated by the machine that created Bieber & his legion of analogs-that they no longer recognise real music, instead believing it to consist of a whelp-like sissy teenage punk whining "Baby baby baby baby oh baby baby baby baby oh baby" ad infinitum with computer generated non-rhythms whining & weakly tapping supportively in the background. Plug in for retardation, place phones over ears, turn on device & prepare for the bliss that is ignorance. Justin wins the Frank Zappa-Does Humour Belong  In Music  Award  because clearly, he doesn't. The Ugly: This year's In Case of Emergency Break Glass For Diversion Via Media Caused Public Hysteria Award is shared by both Prime Minister John Key & embattled mayor of Auckland Len Brown. John had reached a point where the public were looking to be in an ugly collective funk, he'd cut their recreational Snapper fishing quota in a laissez faire move to justify stock rejuvenation while leaving the commercial plunderers (his mates) untouched. As well as that he was under fire over his sleazy sodomy of the NZ public via his dirty GCSB bill being passed into act despite public opposition & then there was Anadarko...well poor John just didn't know what would settle these grizzling peasants down. About the same time as John was feeling the heat, newly re-elected mayor of Auckland Len Brown is clumsily exposed over his two+year affair with a woman over 20 years his junior. It became rapidly evident that the camp of his main rival to the throne was behind the revelations & in part because that rival was a sleazebag from New Jersey, the good folk of Auckland & wider NZ were confused as to how they should feel. While this anguish & confusion abounded, reports from several media agencies began to enter the news surrounding a gang of teenage sexual predators who called themselves "Roastbusters". The name was both a play on the old film Ghostbusters & the slang colloquialism for a two male, one female sexual encounter known as a "spit roast". As the story broke, details emerged that at least two but "possibly several more" young men made up the group, which stalked drunk young teenage women-some allegedly as young as 13- to coerce them into group sex or multiple partner sex marathons. These orgies were then allegedly filmed and posted on the Roastbusters Facebook page to publicly humiliate & punish the girls for being sluts. The public outcry was like a scrub fire in its intensity & spread. The people wanted blood. Two young men were identified as the ringleaders & photos of their venal, socially marginal, zitty faces were plastered across every media engine that could carry an image. The punks had to go into hiding once it emerged that one was the son of a low-level local celebrity & the other the son of a "ranking police officer". The torch burning & pitchfork waving lasted over two weeks, during which the police promised their usual "thorough investigation" while the public gnashed their teeth at the thought the drunken tarts involved in the whole lurid affair could be their own daughters. A female friend of the devilspawn at the centre of the scandal went on record whilst defending them, pointing out that "Its just what all the teenagers in West Auckland do-they get drunk and fuck". In the end the firestorm fizzled out, nobody was arrested, charged or lynched. John & Len had made it through the three crucial weeks they needed for the public's emotions to have been totally exhausted by an over exaggerated, media fueled chimera that became nothing from nothing. For Key it distanced him from, & put time between his skulduggeries; for Brown it created emotional diversion & salacious scandal that overshadowed his own relatively mediocre exploits. Very well played boys, by NZ standards in media & political manipulation, very well played! Second winner in the Ugly category picks up the Go Straight To The Boss's Office On Monday Morning. Do Not Pass The Press Gallery or Talk to Anyone Award. Clearly of course the undisputed winner would have to be [former] back bench National Party MP  Aaron Gilmore. This virtually hitherto unheard of real life Eric Cartman found his 15 days of fame when in May 2013 at the Heritage Hotel in Hanmer Springs, he hit the Jesus juice a little too hard at dinner with some pals. Claims concerning the quantities of booze consumed vary, however the group's behavior prompted comment from other diners to staff. Around this time a waiter tending the Gilmore party's table refused service of further alcohol per his legal obligations as he judged the group to be drunk. Gilmore, flushed with booze & the misapprehension that he was a somebody verbally launched into the hapless hospo helper calling him a "dickhead" and claiming to be a very important politician. He completely egged his own face by proceeding to tell the waiter that he had enough influence over the prime minister to have him personally involve himself & have the man fired. There are many details surrounding this incident & Gilmore's subsequent public pillorying by the media followed by his messy resignation, that are shady. Rumors circulated that he was assisted into a situation whereby his predictable boorish behavior under the wing of Bacchus would lead him to disgrace himself. Further to that, the news of the incident appeared to be strategically managed. Gilmore was an unpopular member of the National Party, his future wasn't bright and it is quite possible a fixer such as the enigmatic Simon Lusk was engaged to help him to the point of no return. Sadly the NZ public was subjected to daily accounts of Gilmore's kicking & screaming, as he refused opportunity after opportunity to grab his coat & quietly slip out the tradesman's exit of the Beehive. In the end it became a matter for the House, with Gilmore swearing darkly to media the night before that he'd be taking people down with him if he was forced. In the end he turned up with a humble pie the size of a truck tire, which he consumed before Parliament & the people on NZ via TV cameras, complete with heartfelt apology & admission that he was in fact the dickhead. After that he left parliament, most likely never to return. It was sad, it was pathetic & by the spurs of Rooster Cogburn, it was Ugly. As the old Chinese saying goes "You don't need to teach an arsehole to shit" Running rearguard in a trio of sad, disheartening & pathetic Uglies, is this year's Kamikaze Without A Cause Award winner, none other than John Banks. Banksie; as this diminutive, baby kissing buffoon is commonly known, has had a rough year, in fact it's been a few rough years, but if you asked him, he'd describe this year in particular, as his annus horribilis. Poor old Banksie; once upon a time he had a snug wee basket in the corner of a National government to curl up in. The politicians would throw him tidbits & always promised him that if he yapped loudly to the media when told to, but never at any other times, then they'd see to it he ended up boss of Auckland one day. With a few exceptions-well lots of them actually, that government managed to put Banksie to use. Even though the humble & gentle folk of NZ knew he was a fuckwit with the brains of a rock, his handlers had managed to create around him the aura of a slightly befuddled, yet well-meaning idiot. In the political neighborhood of New Zealand Banksie was regarded as the local Down Syndrome kid that always waved and grinned with joy whenever he saw someone he knew. Banksie did get to be boss of Auckland-for a while anyway. After he'd done the very bestest job of that & the happy people decided that Banksie needed to get on with more important things, a nice man from a wobbly right-wing political party asked Banksie to be the boss of that-apparently nobody else was brave enough or something, but Banksie wasn't scared. Ahh yes, serial political blowfly & intellectually challenged bedbug, John Banks. Banks has survived many scandals over the years, most of them minor dust ups caused by his ill-conceived brayings. He met his bete noir however, in the jolly German giant mentioned above in the "Good" section, Mr Kim Dotcom esq. Kim, like most wealthy foreign businessmen of dubious past & means, was looking to secure political allies as he established himself in NZ. There is nothing spurious in this, in fact it is accepted as the way politics works-a wealthy donor aligns himself with a business friendly political party by supporting them as they see necessary (donations) & in turn, they use their influence to support him. The long & the short of Banksie's final stand came from the slippery little shit accepting $50 000 from Mr Dotcom in two separate amounts as contributions to his electoral campaign. So far so good; however when, as mentioned above, Mr Dotcom was busted ala Miami Vice & put on show like a circus freak, he reached out to his pal John from his prison cell. "John," pleaded Kim "Ar ve not frendts?" "I am much trouble haffink here, und you help me coult  maybe...John? John, are you dere mine frendt?" But John wasn't. In fact Banksie had scarped as fast as his stumpy little pin striped legs could take him. As we know, Kim's lawyers eventually got him bailed, but he suffered in the meantime. Kim is oversized & overweight, the stuffy little remand cell with a tiny single cot that he spent two months in must've been hell for such a large man. He also has other attendant health problems associated with his immense proportions. Nobody from NZ politics came to help Kim-mainly because they were all squawking to the media about how they'd never heard of any Kim Dotcom. Even Key, whose own electorate the eccentric two metre tall, 140kg, multi, multi millionaire lived in-in a mansion no less, claimed he'd never heard of him. During the developments that followed, and as more and more embarrassing details about the NZ Govt's unwillingness to treat Dotcom fairly emerged, the fact (there were witnesses, including Dotcom's factor) surfaced that Dotcom had given John Banks fifty grand as a campaign donation. Banks denied it, then he said he couldn't remember. John Banks isn't a good liar, John Banks lies as badly as a five-year old boy does when his mum asks him if he stole candy from the corner store & he still tries to lie even though he knows the chain-smoking old dragon at the store has already called his mum & peached on him. Banksie's lies became the stuff of legendary public ridicule. Long story shortened, Banksie was bound by law to declare on his electoral returns that he had received monies of that size from Dotcom. Banksie hadn't. Banksie tried to claim memory loss & his old pals in Wellington managed to stall & freeze the official inquiry into his fraudulent behavior. Banksie looked like he'd blundered through another monumental gaffe. Not to be, retired accountant Graham McCready took John Banks to court privately for election fraud, at his own expense & based on principle. McCready was able to get Banks committed for trial charged with election fraud. The potential collateral damage from his receiving a conviction will mean that Bank's party (ACT), will weaken or fail altogether, as a crucial partner in the National govt's. narrowly held majority, thus threatening to topple a tower of pigs. The Good-Guys like Graham McCready & judiciary that rules in favour of shits like Banks facing account.The Bad-Guys like Banks being allowed into positions of public office. The Ugly-The flakey, cowboy tradesman like manner in which politics is done in this country. Once again folks, it's up to you-next November isn't that far away so start thinking about your options as a voter & if you don't have enough of them then get off your lazy asses & start creating some. We are getting robbed because we are just too Goddamned apathetic to stand up to these bullies & shysters. Good night NZ.
  • It's finally happened and its nasty. I'm becoming a writer! Its a ghastly transformation as if a Werewolf raped a word processing unit-no, an online philological database, and producing a mutant palsied offspring from a chrysalis of hideous alien tissue that needs constant medicating to prevent the thing tearing its own body apart with savage claws. I didn't notice at first; that cunning evil bastard Jew Gillespie got me started with his wretched trickery in convincing me to correspond with him so he could publish my deranged rantings-probably for some perverse Zionist ends that only his drug addled mind perceives. The Dunny has suddenly grown cyber-tentacles and networked itself like a preternaturally independent nanobot throughout various mainstream social networks and I've [suddenly] got readers all over the world-the deluded idiots even send me fan mail. Now I've launched a social networking campaign against the commercial fishing industry, corporate polluters and the middle classes as well as the long-term employed. Its insidious and it pulses and throbs with malignant chaotic intent. I don't sleep and when I do I wake up. Money means nothing anymore, and I have no time left to earn it-nor the inclination to. The only respite is the Sea, thank god for the Sea and the Boat. I have an ominous feeling about this that soon I shall eclipse John Galt as a corrosive agent viciously ejaculated across the filthy corrupt and threadbare Muslin that is the tenuous fabric of Society. Screenshot of my mutant creation attached, its growing like cancer...
  • We have spent nearly a year sitting atop a metaphorical mountain peak dunny contemplating the state of this planet and its human inhabitants. Despite coming to bleak conclusions about the intermediate and potentially ultimate fate of one or both, we have emerged personally from our contemplations with a fresh sense of emancipation and purpose. The current almost nationwide drought New Zealand suffers, from an accordingly sensational long, hot summer clearly supports undeniable evidence of climate change. Add to this the extreme weather conditions that have been affecting our Australian neighbours over the last few years, as well as other more global meteorological anomalies, and one would be understating in saying there is cause for concern. That the human race is the root of this rapid and radical change is still in hot debate, although this editor's desk feels there is little evidence left to deny it. Based on that, we will publish in favour of the [logical] assumption that it is. A Bleak World View: The planet is being choked and poisoned, her waterways, oceans, lands and skies polluted by industrial installations belching toxic fumes and discharging vile wastes. Millions of automobiles and other internal combustion powered machines fart out carbon laden exhaust smoke 24/7 into the air. This in turn thickens the Earth's atmospheric carbon layer increasing the intensity of radiation retention and heat from the sun-even a child in this age knows this. Not only that, toxins contained therein from air pollution end up back on, and in the planet's soil and water from "Fallout" contained in rain passing through its poisoned airways. The phenomenon of Acid Rain has been evident since the 1980's, as have its ghastly effects on the forests and pastures of Northern Europe. Irresponsible overuse of fossil fuels have been a principle cause in not only the above, but the establishment of a gross and corrupt corporate elite that control the planet and buy and sell its governments with the proceeds of their plunder. This elite are no different than the Mafia with the exception that they are blandly tolerated by the population and an exponentially far greater threat. The Global Elite control the bulk of directly owned wealth while making up a fraction of the overall population (1%), while the planet and the majority of its inhabitants struggle in indentured situations manipulated and created by this elite for generations, these evil pigs thrive and create wars, famines, and economic disasters to preserve & grow their power and wealth. Lack of backbone in worldwide governments, and the populace who choose to empower them, has allowed direct and proxy development of countries such as China to develop massive environmentally unregulated industries off the back of slave labour. Consequently as the economies and industrial blocs of these countries grow explosively  so too does the output of poison into the planet-not just in the proliferation of manufacturing pollution, but also in the masses of artificial junk and unnecessary packaging it comes in. One only need visit a $2 Dollar Shop or (invariably) Asian run super saver Wing Wong type shop to see ridiculously cheaply made, poor quality rubbish on sale for a couple of bucks. Wake up people! This shit is a product of slavery, unconscionable rape of natural resources and human endeavor,  as well as complete disregard of the by products of its manufacture and where it ends up. These stores dot our cities at every strip mall and shopping centre, they flourish, and why? Because they do good business, which means they are supported by the consumer and that's YOU!   Our food is a sham, and it is false from before the seed is even planted. Crops are genetically modified to the point that they are unrecognisable from their original phenotype. The soil the resultant seeds are planted in is dead and inert from excessive and habitual overuse of Nitrate laden fertilisers and PCB filled, super toxic, carcinogenic pesticides and sprays. From there it is taken to [toxin belching] factories and processed and killed with heat, cell wall destruction, additives such as salts, ultra refined sugars, flavour enhancers, preservatives, stablisers, complex carbohydrates and added fat. The resultant pastes are then reconstituted to resemble the original, but in some fatuously "perfected" image, and force fed to a blissfully and irresponsibly ignorant populace through outlets owned by global corporations such as BK, McDonalds, KFC and Coca Cola. These corporations are run by the enemies of the planet and its people, the 1% mentioned above. YOU support them, and you CHOOSE to do so.   The planet's oceans are mercilessly raped and plundered by commercial fishing corporations-once again, Asia has a huge hand in this. At the same time as irreplaceable ecosystems are being destroyed at an horrific rate, these environmental pirates dump waste and trash into the ocean behind them, leaving huge masses of nets strewn across fragile coral reefs, atolls and marine systems, killing them off in the process. Wastage is huge-the shark finning industry alone murders 100,000,000 (that's one hundred million) sharks per year, catching them, hacking off their fins and throwing the still living shark back into the ocean to die a slow painful death. Compare this to one hundred million people having their hands and feet hacked off and being left to die and see how your sensibilities react. The shark finning industry is entirely supported by Asia, and they get away with this barbaric thumbing of their noses at the world because people like you stay silent when it would take ten minutes of your lives to lend your voices to disapprove and make that disapproval known. Our magnificent evolutionary cousins the Cetaceans are endangered with some species on the threshold of extinction. Once they are lost they are gone for ever, and yet the people of the world still allow Japan and Norway to murder the whales with impunity. Japan in particular blatantly refuses to even acknowledge toothlessly enforced whaling moratoriums by the global community. While we do not agree with many aspects of hysterical radical organisations such as Sea Shepherd, this is the kind of last resort action that is required to stop these pirates, as nobody else seems able to do so.   Factory farming produces the bacon & eggs and steak you love so much at a huge cost to nutrition of both consumer, planet and original protein donor (read the poor bloody beast that it came from). The practices and effects of factory farming are well publicised and known, but still it is an aspect of the farming industry that flourishes due to support of consumers-once again YOU. It's simple, people, when it comes to your food you are being farmed yourselves, the food conspiracy is one of the greatest cons in the history of our race and it is perpetrated because people are just too damned ignorant and lazy to take responsibility for themselves and ask where their food comes from and what's in it. Packaging: how many times have you bought a bottle of wine at the store and it's been put in a [plastic] bag? Why? It's already in a package-the bottle. Go to the store and buy a bag of ice, or potatoes, of potato crisps (if you soil yourself by eating them), invariably it will be put into another plastic bag. Where did that bag come from? What is it made of? What processes were involved in that manufacture? More importantly, what will happen to it when you thoughtlessly throw in in the bin? Having worked with the packaging industry as advertising clients in times gone by, it has been voiced to us by their very executives that if the consumer were to realise how unnecessary the majority of packaging (particularly flexible packaging) is- and act on it- their industry would be finished. What does this tell you when you think of all the plastic that goes through your household? What Can You Do Though? (I hear you say as you pointlessly wring your middle class hands) For starters, start acting like the most evolved creature on the planet instead of a complacent, ignorant ape. If someone came into your house and smashed the place up and shat all over your floor while telling you it was all for your own good would you accept it? No, you'd do what was necessary to remove the threat and minimise the damage. This planet is your home, and in this case, without it you, and the rest of us, are fucked, so sit up, take notice, take responsibility and take action-instead of taking it in the ass. Act locally, think globally: stop buying shit made in Taiwan, China, and Korea-those bastards don't give a shit about you or the planet so stop supporting them by buying their products. Spend a little extra and buy something sustainably made that'll last. The more you do this the more adverse effect it has on the looters and the bigger the sea change for the better worldwide. Instead of going shopping with your credit card on Saturday buying useless shit you don't need, sit down and read a book about something that will expand your mind for the better-plenty to read about that will help; organic gardening, creative efficient management of space, yoga, evolution, history, nutrition, the list is endless. In doing this you have already made a positive contribution to both yourself and the planet just by not supporting polluting industries, human rights abuses, and the packaging industry-not to mention not using your car, the bus or a train. As well as that you saved being further in debt, or at least a few bucks which you can put in a teapot to set yourself free and find somewhere to grow your own food. Stop watching TV and reading newspapers and magazines. The media is just a tool of governments and corporations to manipulate your mind, dull your sense of what's right and wrong and force feed you lies and advertising. Instead read a book, or better still, read one to your kids. Why not even go one better and write a book for your kids, that way you begin a new cycle of enlightenment instead of consigning them to retardation at the hands of The Adversary. Before you buy food, take time to contemplate what it is. Don't buy processed muck; familiarise yourself  with what is actually done to your food, whether it be beast, fruit or vegetable  Knowledge is Power, empower yourself, don't be a sheep and let the looters feed you up on lies and poison. Once again, take responsibility for your food intake. The old adage "You are what you eat" is true, ergo, eat poisonous shit with no life in it, you'll die of cancer or some other extreme allergic reaction, eat healthy living food and you'll live well, enjoy old age and probably die in your sleep. When you buy said food, be mindful of packaging and minimise it. Take a reusable bag or a cardboard box for your groceries, don't buy twice or thrice packaged food (ie two courgettes on a meat tray covered in cling film). Aim always to buy in biodegradable packaging (cardboard or paper). Don't buy factory farmed and be aware that not all foods claiming to be "safe" or "ethical" actually are-the onus is on you as a free thinking, intelligent individual to find out for yourself. Don't support the commercial fishing industry, if you don't know a fisherman you can barter with, find a small quota operator to buy from instead of a corporate giant with a fleet of death liners. At the very least don't buy tinned Tuna-FROM ANYONE! Go online and have a voice-hell, have a voice without going online! Vote, add weight to your right to have a say. Seek out organisations making a difference or at least trying to and support them-even if its just by clicking the "Like" button on a Facebook page against battery hen farming or Tuna fishing. This is an age where technology can be a two edged sword-at the moment it is mostly being misused or at best inefficiently used. Proto-Luddites don't hate or eschew technology, they just think about how to use it sensibly and sustainably. Before you leap in your car and drive to the corner store for a packet of smokes or a six pack of beer, think about how far it actually is, then get off your fat ass and walk there-you'll be surprised how pleasant it is and it's good for you as well. You might even come across a total stranger in the process and be able to smile, say hello, and establish a connection with a fellow human being. In Conclusion As a race and inviolably linked member of the planet Earth's biosphere, the human race is equally endangered and endangering. We claim and believe we are the most highly evolved organism in that biosphere, however we are its entire, and only threat. Why is this readers? Discuss. It is true that the planet's industries, governments and wars are managed and run by an evil elite, however the one strength they have is the apathy of the majority. If a colony of ants or a hive of bees can act collectively as one body made of individuals, for their betterment and survival then why can't we? The reality of the human race and planet Earth's current plight isn't caused by an evil conspiracy, it is the result of lazy, corrupt, greedy thinking of everyday individual people who continue to tacitly support the looters by not making the effort to think for themselves, and take responsibility for their own actions and those around them. It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing. Time to wake up people-time to GROW up!

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