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Boasting Headhunters, Racism & Assasination, Random Invective, social decay amongst Darwin's lost causes

Boasting Headhunters

What a red letter week.

The United System of Assimilation finally knocked off bad guy number one.

What an appalling piece of underestimation by the Zionist media machine…

Well that’s how a White Supremacist might have put it. What I’m interested in is Hone Harawira’s take on the situation. We have in the “Developed World”, a prejudiced perception of racism. For example, so long as you aren’t “White” you can exhibit all the concentrated venomous bigotry you like at another group of people and call yourself a Freedom Fighter or Civil Rights Activist.

Hone, look out, because this week [as with most] your place is in The Dunny…

For the uninitiated, Big John Harawira has been flapping his jaws and jabbering to anyone with a bubblegum pack press card in their baseball cap-again. This time the point of relevance is, once again, to the long suffering peoples of Aotearoa (non white ones of course) via the [now deceased] spoiled brat bastard son of a lost race – oh shit, I just realised you probably thought I meant Hone….No, I refer to, of course, that hook nosed, bearded Arab world hybrid of Faust and Punch, Osama Bin Laden.

Putting things into context, Hone has jumped upon the USA’s shocking violation of a sovereign nation’s independence by the assassination of an individual living within it’s borders as somehow tied to his own misguided Kampf. Just because that individual was Osama Bin Laden does not for a second vindicate the Orwellian arrogance that the Shermans displayed with their typical global bully boy tactics. Neither however, does it give a lazy shit stirring Maori racist any kind of platform with which to align his own shonky ranting causes.

I don’t for a second swallow the whole US created blarney about OBL getting kicked up 100 metres from Pakistan’s top military academy by a team of US Navy Seals who almost pranged their helicopter on arrival due to their “America Fukyeah” spirit of gung ho.If I was of WASPish decent and of the Washingtonian kind, I’m sure I’d do as my ancestors had done. I’d take his broken body and decapitate it, preferably with a stout sword or an axe. I’d take that head, the face of my enemy and jam it up on a Pike, which I’d hoist-Up High, so that all his people would know that I’d broken their hopes.

I certainly wouldn’t be feeding diluted text messages I mean, Media releases out about some [fatuous]heroic battle in Pakistan whereby the Leader of the Axis of Evil is slain by a perfect gunshot to the head and then for politically sensitive and culturally observant reasons “Buried at sea”.Evidently no country on earth would tolerate the internment of OBL’s carcass so they tipped it into the sea after affording it full Islamic funereal nuptials. I would have thought the Pakistani’s would have been happier if they buried him under the vege garden out back of his hacienda than tossing him into the briny. The Afghani’s ditto, probably wouldn’t have minded his bones stuffed in a cave in Borabora. In fact, there are more countries out there than a hillbilly has toes that would have considered that their entire population was off to Heaven to pop virgins should they get the chance to host Bin Laden’s remains.

Here we have an interesting conflict of interest to the gangster mentality that forms the American soul. Any businessman worth his salt would have auctioned Osama’s carcass for oil rights, however in true Mafia spirit if you have something to hide you make sure no-one finds the evidence.

Osama Bin laden is alive and well & living in the south of France.That’s all we have to say about that.

Now back to Hone Harawira…

John seems to have got Osama Bin Laden confused with Jesus Christ, or Che Guevara.

Osama Bin Laden was the figurehead of a medieval coven of butchery. His followers were responsible for torture, murder and global terror-much like the Bush administration[s].

Harawira once again bares his true colours as an ignorant redneck with the statement ”Despite what the media said his family, his tribe, his people are mourning, they mourn for a man who fought for the rights, the land and the freedom of his people”. Perhaps this is the kind of mercy he hopes for himself in posterity I don’t know. What I don’t get is how he manages to hoist the colours of Te Tino Rangatiratanga movement in alignment with a Muslim terrorist.

Once again the whole Maori people get tarred with the Harawira brush (so sue me)- the ofay oppressor should be paying the man a stipend for all the favours he pays the causes that oppose the furtherment of the Maori people. Hone Harawira and his misguided clan were spawned from the first centralised Maori Hapu nurtured at the teat of Left Wing post war politics. Their political values are archaic and with that outmoded, this country no longer economically basks in the favour of post war boom and optimism. Their people have become slaves to alcoholism and drug abuse, as well as state dependence and to abdication of consequence. This is the behaviour of over indulged and undisciplined children which is what socialism fosters in its faithful.

The Maori people who have the right to speak with pride of their race are the ones who like all members of the natural world, co-exist and evolve with the environment in which they inhabit. These people are very much amongst you, contributing across all spheres of society. It is only the dinosaurs like John Harawira and Little Tama (Tama Iti) who cause their people to be viewed as obsolete, stone age fools who couldn’t adapt.

And the award for misguided causes goes to...

If Harawira wants to align himself so closely with the politics of terror then lets hope he too at least gets the courtesy of an ocean funeral with full cultural rights-perhaps off the East Coast where the Brazilians are prospecting for oil that his people will no doubt lay claim to when & if found despite the best efforts of the protectors of the land.


2 thoughts on “Boasting Headhunters

  1. Interesting… I also find the US version of events not credible and already this morning evidence from OSB’s wife conflicts with the SEALS version of his last moments.

    The November election will show us how many of Harawiri’s followers are also thinkers.

    Posted by Jill Nicholls | May 5, 2011, 10:50 am
    • The whole thing is a blatant sham. Maybe Obama gave the media job to one of his kids to handle as a school project.The kicker for me was the following day as addendum, they claimed he [Bin Laden}tried to hide behind one of the wives that made up his unholy harem to avoid being shot.

      Posted by Mr Rabbit | May 5, 2011, 12:15 pm

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