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Welcome To The Third World New Zealand.

Sad  and paranoid rantings from the Dunny this night children of the Age.

Dunny staff doing what they do best-mining amongst the filth that passes for truth in this country’s degraded systems of media propaganda and political sodomy. They have also been bracing the maggots at the cash job end of the city’s magnificent Phoenix-like recovery from the ashes.

Alarming offers of information have been tendered by Imperialist interests-call it pre bragging, that the US Govt is “now involved” with the Christchurch City rebuild. The only reason that Jew York, the seat of US power,would have any interest in supporting the recovery of our fair sewer would be in that they see a long term financial/power return from investing in it’s misery.The fact that our own administration is bankrupt themselves to provide a true solution to the massive issues facing the populous and economy that provides 15% of our GDP as a nation, leaves us essentially open to a hostile takeover by any foreign power that needs cheap rental property for its own foul nefarious interests.The U.S Govt works entirely on those same ruthless  principles-“Nothing personal Mac, it’s just business…”

Call it space for spy network relays, military installations, UN Security Council votes, carbon credits or just good old jobs for the boys, it would seem that “The cousins”, as the British cold war intelligence agencies once called them, have plenty of reason, which they’ve never hidden, to want a political lever in our fair naive cloud blessed isles.

There is abundant of room here for hysteria, but it remains a salutary fact that we are seriously in the shit here. In true colonial form we have buried our heads in the sand and puffed out our Celtic chests in defiance of Mother Nature’s dictums. A giant middle class doughnut now orbits what was once a city. The disposable income remains but all that’s left to dispose it on is grossly over priced food, petrol and cheap grog. The cultural infrastructure is gone-even on the base levels like the Oxford Terrace Strip and Sol Square. All that’s left is a Soviet like option of working under adverse unhealthy conditions – if at all, and spending more than the earn on crap food and slow suicide alcoholism.

Look at other econo-politically destabilised nations, admittedly in who-cares-shitholes like Panama, El Salvador or Nicaragua or more recently Iraq and Afghanistan. Who came to their rescue? Who “secured” the situation against “insurgents”? Who then, provided political & infrastructural, support at the cost of democracy in these states only to go on and legislate that interests owned or concerned with key members of their own organisation got to supplant their own firms as key service providers to “recovery” whilst providing security for them to act with impunity to accord and implement their master’s wishes? You know it, and so do we, your good old Uncle Sam.

And who destabilised them in the first place?

The modern United States is not formed on the admirable political visions & principles of Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Honest Abe Lincoln, no kiddies, it is firmly entrenched in, dare we say it, the Machiavellian precepts of the Sicilian and Calabrese scum who found their way to that fair young country’s shores and taught corruption, gangsterism and stand over to that nation’s fathers. Modern America is the embodiment of what the Dunny’s namesake Niccolo Machiavelli tendered as his ultimate gift to Lorenzo “The Magnificent” De Medici; The brilliant but brutal ruler of renaissance Florence-read “The Prince”– preserve the State at all costs, protect the Power, use brutal fixers to silence detractors, then murder them to ensure they stay silent and above all, do what one must to the people to retain power.

Even better to look to Mario Puzo when it comes to US foreign policy and we are foreign to the U.Sforeign and defiant!

Although we at the Dunny loathe Communists and Leftists more than Satan himself, and with them hysterics and conspiracy theorists we also hate narrow-mindedness and bigotry. So, food for thought, as furnished to us by a brother of the Holy Horse Racing Fraternity, the last honest collective on Earth, by heaven from only knows what sources, read this and weep Man Made Earthquakes

The Dunny has read  Nexus Magazine and for the most part believes that they are cranks who would be better off getting jobs as insurance adjusters or editors for minor local community tabloids. However, where there’s smoke there is fire and I wouldn’t put it past the same bastards that gave the world MK Ultra and the Obamination, not to mention the Osamanation to try this one on Godzone.

On a happier note, here’s some relevance and Goddamned sublime beats from the late great Don Van Vliet [AKA Captain Beefheart], rest in peace Don, may you and Frank Zappa still sing against the Pigs in Heaven.Listen and enjoy children, this is true Art.

Don’t be fooled citizens of what was formerly Christchurch New Zealand,  and greater New Zealand itself, those vile simps in Washington have coveted what we complacently consider our birthright since WWII when they came here and screwed your Grandmothers while your Uncles and Grandfathers were bayoneting Japs in the Pacific to preserve the free world for Mother England and what She stood for to them.

And had the Japanese not been so studious in discharging their [rightious] obligation of revenge via the Pearl Harbour vendetta seventy years after Matthew Perry-one of the first U.S modern colonial rapists-unprovoked, sailed into Edo Harbour and opened fire with cannon from his “Black Ships”, murdering Imperial Japanese Shogunate members,  Daimyo & citizens, the Americans would have happily sat WWII out and let their Jews bet on the winning side. History has proven they had bets on both sides, so here’s to Japan for making them honest despite what it cost that rightious little nation for generations to come.

Teach your children history New Zealanders, if their generation escapes U.S slavery they might hold promise for the future of the human race.


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