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Show Me a White Supremacist in Christchurch.

Fairfax”s local asset “The Press” published an article in this morning’s issue that stated Christchurch is the home of [NZ] white supremacy quoting Massey University sociologist Paul Spooney. The central figure of this piece of sensationalism was once again presented to us in the activities of that woefully juvenile serial clown Kyle Chapman, face of the Right Wing Resistance group amongst others.

Kyle and his equal-rights-for-straight-male-whites klavern of fools have done for the pride of NZ’s caucasian population what, ironically Hone Harawira and Tama Iti have done for Maoridom’s. Ultimately anyone with nationalist sympathies is too ashamed of them or afraid of being tarred with the same brush to stand up and be counted no matter how mild their views. Progress is halted on both sides by hatred before it can even begin.

Kyles’s latest gaffe has been to print off a bunch of Asian bashing leaflets under the banner of NZ nationalist concerns and drop the odious things about the country in an effort to create the same effect that brought into place The White Australia Policy way back in 1906. The same can be said of the whole spectre of the Yellow Peril that became the cause of a plague of race hatred and crime against asian immigrants for generations to come. (Interestingly enough a Press blogger claims to have eye witness evidence of said chink hater ordering a Chicken Noodle with seasonal Vegetable (Number 23) at the local Chinese takeaway in New Brighton last year so it may well be true that the empty can rattles the most).

The Dunny doesn’t want our free green spacious homeland overrun by any race. One of the things that makes NZ such a fantastic country to live in is the fact we aren’t over populated. Sad to say however, we are populated with our own fair share of inferior specimens whose DNA, if weighed and measured by the very eugenic policies Kyle and his shaven headed ilk subscribe to, would not cut the mustard.

Let us examine the “White Supremacists”- or at least those fools who loudly bray their allegiance to that cause not just in Christchurch, Hamilton, or Oamaru NZ, but in Germany, France, Scandinavia, USA and Great Britain worldwide, where ever there is a hater with a white skin. They are everywhere and the Dunny has seen them all over, but they all boast factors in common. violence, ignorance, hatred, uniformity, stupidity, criminal proclivity, addiction and a need to belong to a cause. These are not the characteristics of a superior race, they are the face of weakness.

Adolf Hitler was a great leader (he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1938 & ’39), what he sought to achieve turned pear shaped to say the least and the Dunny in no way condones his part in what became one of the lowest points in Human history. He did however unify and rebuild Germany after her crushing defeat from the Great War of 1914-18 and economically resurrected her from the Great Depression. It would even be fair to postulate that the Germans had good reason to resent the sons of Abraham-certainly more than Kyle’s little clan.

Using Ernst Rohm‘s Brown Shirts, the SA (Sturm Abtielung) ,Hitler created a powerful tool of terror for his emerging National Socialist German Workers Party. The SA were instrumental in carrying Hitler over his opposition-principally by beating them down and terrorising them. Once he had got what he needed from these misguided thugs then had them imprisoned and butchered on the Night of the Long Knives.

Something tells me Kyle Chapman and his skinheads would have numbered amongst those eliminated in that infamous purge. Ergo, how can you claim to be “Superior” when all that you do and represent proves the opposite.

What is Superior about this?

Anyway, enough bashing of Kyle Chapman and his so called Right Wing Resistance (resistant to what I’m still not sure). From what we saw in the blogged comments from Press readers today no-one can take the guy seriously, including the usually silent criminal community, a couple of whom felt compelled to point out his and his followers shortcomings.

There is no shame in being White, this blogger traces his ancestry back to the French warrior priests who took the Holy Word to the Heathens of the Arab world on the Second Crusade. We are immensely proud of our heritage and contribution to European history, but not to the point where we will debase ourselves as better than anyone else with roots-and we all have those. We also have brown cousins in bush singlets in the Far North who taught us to fish and love living in the light.

Racism to a point is natural, once again it can be explained by reading Darwin. We adhere to our own, way back when, strangers usually appeared when they came to take your food, your women and your life. It is OK to be suspicious, but to hate in ignorance puts us below the beasts, and that is why the Hone Harawwira’s, Kyle Chapman’s, Eugene Terrre Blanche’s and Osama Bin Ladens of this world must be nipped in the bud. Failing pre natal detection and subsequent termination we must roundly lampoon them and reject their buffoonery publicly at every opportunity.

What colour is this primate?


3 thoughts on “Show Me a White Supremacist in Christchurch.

  1. Very well considered article. Thank you for highlighting that complete idiot Chapman and how he does nothing to represent the pride we hold for our European history.

    In NZ we are constantly bombarded with messages of guilt for being white. Our needs for (re-?) connection with our roots seem to so far down the list that they don’t exist. I am shamelessly proud of my ancestry but am equally proud how that has adapted to shape me as a New Zealander – not a pakeha, european new zealander, maori whatever – a New Zealander.

    Posted by edwindando | May 12, 2011, 11:13 am
  2. Kia Ora , Cuzz.

    I agree.

    any sign of the Author yet ?

    He got a Tan yet ?

    I have .


    Posted by Gonzo Dog Dooda Band .. | June 12, 2011, 11:20 pm
    • The author currently is languishing in Buenos Aires due to Mother Nature’s whims. Did Brazil, on the way back to shitsville and the volcano blew, not letting us out of Argentina. We are stuck here so they tell us, until at least next Monday. It is hardly an indignity considering the state of things back home and the fact that this has to be one of the greatest cities on earth.
      There will be plenty from the Dunny on our return and in the meantime tanning time is over-the temp here averages 6-13 currently. Rio was 30 when we left and the tan improved. Unfortunately the depredations of filthy lazy ignorant Brazillians soured our time and heart for the place and in the end we were glad to fly out. Viva Buenos Aires though, the place restored our faith in South America. All things happen for reasons.

      Posted by machiavellisdunny | June 14, 2011, 12:18 pm

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