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Racism & Assasination

Cries For Help & Waking Nightmares

It’s finally happened and its nasty. I’m becoming a writer! Its a ghastly transformation as if a Werewolf raped a word processing unit-no, an online philological database, and producing a mutant palsied offspring from a chrysalis of hideous alien tissue that needs constant medicating to prevent the thing tearing its own body apart with savage claws.

I didn’t notice at first; that cunning evil bastard Jew Gillespie got me started with his wretched trickery in convincing me to correspond with him so he could publish my deranged rantings-probably for some perverse Zionist ends that only his drug addled mind perceives.
The Dunny has suddenly grown cyber-tentacles and networked itself like a preternaturally independent nanobot throughout various mainstream social networks and I’ve [suddenly] got readers all over the world-the deluded idiots even send me fan mail.
Now I’ve launched a social networking campaign against the commercial fishing industry, corporate polluters and the middle classes as well as the long-term employed. Its insidious and it pulses and throbs with malignant chaotic intent.
I don’t sleep and when I do I wake up. Money means nothing anymore, and I have no time left to earn it-nor the inclination to. The only respite is the Sea, thank god for the Sea and the Boat.
I have an ominous feeling about this that soon I shall eclipse John Galt as a corrosive agent viciously ejaculated across the filthy corrupt and threadbare Muslin that is the tenuous fabric of Society.
Screenshot of my mutant creation attached, its growing like cancer…
Dunny scr shot


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