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Racism & Assasination

Babel Reduxed

A few days prior to writing this, your correspondent was taking a brief break in the form of a remote two day fishing & camping safari. We were in fact standing at a DOC camping ground’s thoughtfully installed filleting bench when inspiration struck us via the apathetic, predictably moronic braying of an obese blond kiwi woman who was domineeringly regaling her captive audience of mostly foreign fellow passengers on a local tourism minivan.

We were elbow deep in guts as we cleaned and gilled a massive snapper; the van was stopped for a refreshment break at the campground beach while it’s driver played host, raconteur and local historian. The fat woman evidently had consumed enough Chardonnay during the afternoon to perceive the clearly desperate need of all aboard to be blessed with her wisdom concerning NZ politics. Even though we were at too far a distance & fully engrossed in our visceral renderings to truly overhear the discussion, one statement-a cliche, or prattle-cry muttered countless times daily across the nation rang out clearly: quoth the lardy slattern- “Oh but there’s no doubt he’ll get in again, there simply isn’t anyone else“.

This, of course referred to our current leader & his entitlement to smugly consider winning the next general election eight months hence a forgone conclusion. The reason he can enjoy this confidence is not to do with any Sauronesque power he has over NZ’s population, nor for his unique ability as the country’s greatest ever, and most loved prime minister. In a nutshell, the reason Mr Key can consider the next election to be his is due to the pathetic, cringe-worthy culture of abdication of self responsibility New Zealanders specialise in. Too bad we don’t have an export market for apathy, if we did we’d be richer than the Arabs.

Whether or not this country’s political arena possesses an opposition candidate to match Key is not the essence of our dismay, what makes us unconsciously roll our eyes skyward and silently pray for deliverance is the attitude that it is somebody else’s job to take responsibility for the nation & its part in world affairs. The bawling brassy Brunhilde was merely one of a groundswell of kiwis who have cast off the right to control their own destinies. The corpulent consumer in question was too intellectually lazy & willfully ignorant to even explore her own political convictions-were she even capable of forming some- and outline them in comparison with the subject in which she expounded in absolutes.

In a seminal episode of The Simpsons, Homer becomes elected mayor of Springfield on the slogan “Can’t someone else do it?” As funny as it was to watch the serial idiot become leader of the lumpen idiot collective, the messages and themes the story examined were extremely serious & pertinent to the age we live in. The mere belief that there is nobody else able to replace Key as capable leader speaks volumes about the lanolin reeking buck passing mentality of this county’s population.

Personally we have heard the peasant woman’s disclaimer & variations of it constantly & everywhere in recent times. It is as if everybody has just given up believing a better world is possible by dint of standing up for what is right. We have yet to hear anybody ask in response to the morbid self fulfilling prophecy uttered “Well what would you do if you were able to make a difference?” let alone offer their own ideas up vis “Well I would be interested in bringing positive change for our country by doing this…”


Expanding the observation to a global level, could this be one of the five phases of grief expressed collectively as we process on an instinctive level the potentially terminal perils humanity faces through dwindling resources, pollution and climate change? “The corporations & uber rich beat us all, they sucked every last drop they could from the Earth & her oceans and now we will be left on a toxic barren clod. We might just as well grab what we can by way of cheaply made crap, spiritually devoid pleasures & garbage food while we can because we’re screwed anyway”. Is this what we believe deep down?

Let’s look at this from another angle altogether, one we opine is quite possibly our only choice as a race. Suppose each person alive today looked upon his or her existence as an individual universe they & only they were in control of, while recognising also that the individual universe of each and every other human being on Earth is collaterally affected positively or negatively by their actions and the health of their own universe. Say, just for argument’s sake, these new-found universal potentates asked themselves “What can I do?” Imagine if each and every one of them took control and responsibility for just themselves, how much could change. Here are a few examples:

  • Say everybody on planet Earth who would normally accept a plastic shopping bag with their purchase took their own cloth bag, or used a left over cardboard box at the shop instead for just one week. How many tons of plastic would not need be made? The manufacture of which influences destabilisation & wars in oil producing countries, pollution in its manufacture, logistical waste transporting it and then a landfill time bomb- not to mention a myriad of other negative ripples in our pond. The plastic bag the checkout girl puts your bottle of wine into without a first, let alone second thought, that bag goes from the shop to your home & more often than not, straight into the bin.
  • Imagine if consumers-or even a single consumer- refuses to accept that the only way to buy two onions is on a polystyrene meat tray covered with lead laden cling film and then speaks out about it. How much non renewable resource wastage & negative environmental effect could be mitigated if each individual universe decided it wouldn’t accept unsustainable & unnecessary packaging?
  • Were every motor vehicle owning universe to second guess its need to drive a just short distance as opposed to a psychologically & physically healthy walk. “My universe disallows the false logic of becoming stressed in traffic congestion, adding toxic fumes to the atmosphere and paying for the privilege to merely drop the kids 500 metres up the road at school or drive to the shop for twenty bucks worth of sundries-especially when I can walk the distance in a quarter of the time it takes to crawl in the car.”
  • If each universe declared that it was illogical for a motor vehicle designed to transport four persons to travel carrying only one to the same destination (or close), that the universe’s near neighbors need also travel to. If you take three passengers with you on your commute you take three other cars off the road. That means traffic congestion could be reduced by 75% as easily as that. You might have to put up with three other people chanting about the lack of capable candidates to depose the current reincarnated Richard Nixon, but you’ll arrive at your destination faster & for a quarter of the cost had you gone alone.
  • A universal decree resolves that waste output is decided prior to acquisition of said waste. The solution is to purchase as little packaging as possible and ensure all rubbish is either recyclable or compostable- before a purchase is made the waste component is assessed. Consequently demand for non sustainable or recyclable materials diminishes & greenhouse gas producing biomass is redirected into growing healthy, spiritually enriching food by composting it and feeding it to a garden. This takes a problem and turns it into wealth.
  • Imagine if you dare, that all the individual universes realised that they already have almost everything they need to be happy & healthy by emancipating themselves from advertising & marketing campaigns claiming fulfillment can only be achieved by constantly purchasing overpriced and unnecessary materiel objects on credit loaned at usurious terms. Struggling to earn large amounts of money & lifelong serfdom to corporate barony would become unnecessary. Ultimately money-and more importantly the corruption, greed & fear that the monetary system engenders-would become redundant & loose much of its power & influence. This in turn will massively alleviate business driven pressures on the planet’s resources & the people who live here.




Possibilities abound when we are self empowered & aware of our freedom. Our consciousness expands, our humanity grows and the welfare of the whole living Earth improves exponentially.

Our race rapidly approaches a critical point in its existence, indeed we approach the point that decides if that existence continues or not. Contradicting the morbid, indulgent, greedily self-entitled excuses of the cowards & sentinently bankrupt, we are not doomed-quite the opposite. The human race has merely created a situation whereby it must collectively evolve or perish. We are due for one of the unique paradigm shifts that have made us the evolutionary phenomenon we are and we’d rather live a paradigm shift than a shitty paradigm any day.

goback (1)

There’s the good news people; you can change the world-your world- and doing so you will passively lead others by your example.

Try sharing; it costs nothing and it’s an investment in yourself. That old lady beside you in the line at the supermarket looking sad & ready for death? Make yourself truly see her-recognise her, and she’ll look you in the eye. When she does, ask her how her day is going or compliment how her shoes match her handbag, she’ll go away filled with joy & a new purpose to live. The light that shines from her will benefit others as that old lady moves through her day like dominoes of positive energy that make the world a better place to live.

Jacko with old ladies

That angry looking businessman sitting beside you at the traffic lights in peak traffic? He looks like a selfish, arrogant asshole and he may well be too. Acknowledge to yourself that he’s the victim of a fraudulent conspiracy that has him locked on a treadmill. Forgive him; deep down he knows he’s being cheated out of the joy of living and understandably he resents it. When he looks at you smile and gently roll your eyes. If he can’t share that moment & doesn’t smile back you suffer no injury nor loss. The realisation that his indenturement is an illusion will come to him one day, even if it’s on his deathbed.

Businessman eaten by the shark



In the tribal societies we left for “Civilisation” a mere few thousand years ago, money as we know it didn’t exist. There was no need of money & finance because we lived within our means from the abundance the planet bestowed upon us free of charge bar the activity to take what we needed. Our skills were our currency & our status in society. We did what we were good at and thus enjoyed our work. The hunter bought in the meat, the farmer bought in the grain but neither could succeed without the skills of the flint knapper, the shepherd, the weaver or the healer. As we moved into civilisation, skills became redundant or transformed. Money may well have been created as an equaliser but it gave a womb to Greed. Get yourself a practical skill, it’ll do wonders for your self actualisation as a functional hominid. 

Greed and Apathy- the strong preying on the weak, each as ugly and destructive as the other until you can’t tell them apart and you end up with greedy, apathetic, ignorant, fat retards bellowing for Evolution to weed them out.

At the end of the day that great arbiter and model of autocracy ‘God’, is said to have created Man in his own image, but corporations created by Zionism & the Holy See bought up all his stock and Evolution moved in as receiver, liquidator and restructuring manager. You are what you eat and if you eat shit you’ll die.

Carlos Castenada-Warrior between two worlds


2 thoughts on “Babel Reduxed

  1. Wow! I believe this is your best post yet. I totally agree with minimizing consumerism and have a great example to share.
    For years I have had skin problems and about eighteen months ago I read up on possible causes and found that modern soaps, moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners contribute to many of such problems. I also found that often there is no need for soap or shampoo, therefore no need for conditioner. The skin is a self cleaning organism as it sheds millions of cells each day, so apart from stuck on filth such as farmers and others working with added grime may accumulate, plain water will do the job. The same applies to your hair. I have not used any cleaning products on my body since then and often get compliments on my appearance and no -one has said that I smell!
    A big bonus is that my shower cabinet and hand basin remain free of the awful slime and grime they used to gather, requiring constant scouring with chemicals. So, not only have I reduced my contribution of ‘grey water’ to the waste system I am saving considerable amounts of money at the supermarket and most of my skin problems have disappeared.
    This is but a small example of how we have been sucked into present day consumerism and brainwashed into believing that we ‘need’ so much outside commercial input yet a close look at so called uncivilized people’s shows that they are healthy and more in tune with their environment without any of the junk we buy every day. I am not advocating that we return to the wild but at least take a critical look at how we are living.

    Posted by kinny67 | March 3, 2014, 9:32 am
    • Glad you enjoyed our literary tantrum Kinny. We were faced with the choice of sleeping or writing; under the circumstances sleep seemed to argue exactly the case we bemoaned about apathy & we knew we’d have no justification to seethe in our sleep unless we made the point that was already keeping us awake.

      Writers, what a tormented & cursed breed, nothing is simple for them and they are burdened with Cassandra’s eyes. The condition is terminal and it is generally accepted that once they have passed on their message payload or been driven mad in trying to do so, they self destruct with drink, drugs, women of ill repute and carelessly handled firearms.

      Not to worry, we would gladly endure all of the above so long as we would witness NZ become the first country in the world to introduce rituals of extreme public humiliation as mandatory sentences for littering.

      Posted by machiavellisdunny | March 3, 2014, 10:00 am

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