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Racism & Assasination

Solving “The Palestinian Question”

In the sanitised Newspeak of today’s politmedia we often hear that old chestnut & terminal bad penny conscience issue Palestine, referred to as “The Palestinian Question”. This immediately places the issue in an abstract context, it gives the observer an escape clause to defer from any deeper investigation, moral responsibility or emotional involvement, as if to say “Ah, the Question of Palestine! Well I guess that makes it an intellectual issue & intellectual issues are best given long & considerable thought..” at which point the entire thought process is shanghaied by the Question of what to have for dinner tonight & which reality TV show to vegetate out to after that.
Since however, it is Sunday morning, with dinner & soporific televised pabulum still many hours away yet, let’s while our minds are fresh with the crispness of the morning, consider a quick answer to The Palestinian Question.
Best solution? The World Community grows a collective backbone & sanctions the Hell out of Israel-especially the USA, Britain, the EU et al who sell them their weapons & actively enable Israel to evade accountability for the awful, awful monstrosities it institutionally commits every day. Make no mistake, this is not a Semetic/Jewish issue as they would have you believe or fear. The core objectives of Zionism are in total contravention of Judaic commandments as laid down in the Torah & a huge number of the world’s Jews do not support the racist & nationalist beliefs of Israel’s Zionist fascist cause. To say Zionism equates to Jewishness is the same as saying all Germans are Nazis.
In fact, some of the most vocal & proactive activists against Israel & Zionist nationalism are Jews & Israelis who cannot stomach what is happening-and has been happening for over 60 years. Israel needs to be dismantled as a state; it is what is known as an “Insane State”, a rampant, mad dog nationalist committed to ethnic cleansing, war on its neighbours & greed. Israel has no respect at all for international law, UN resolutions or human rights. Under definition of international law Israel doesn’t even qualify for recognition as a legitimate state because it commits acts of terrorism. Terrorism however, only applies to Arabs, Muslims & enemies of Zionism/Capitalism.
These bastards are so cold blooded & brazen they have taken the 1940’s Holocaust & turned it into a publicity stunt. A foil to discredit & smear their detractors with as anti-semites, Nazis & racists while the whole time they are undertaking a Holocaust of their own right under the world’s nose. The Holocaust that the world said could never happen again is happening again, today, right now & it is being committed by people who claim to have been victims of the original. How all those old Nazis must be chuckling in their graves at the irony of it all, the race they nearly wiped out, having their suffering hijacked, marketed & turned into an industry to commit the crime of the century that they, they original victims will bear world condemnation for. Everybody is a victim every minute that this sick, brutal farce is allowed to continue- including the Jewish people themselves.
Here is a link to the Emmy Award winning documentary by Emad Burnat, Five Broken Cameras . If the beauty & humanity in the Palestinian people the film centres on doesn’t move you then nothing will. The resolve & dignity in which they face down the ugliness & hatred of the Israeli settlers stealing their land & burning their olive groves while their IDF thugs murder them, reveals the two absolutely polar opposites of the human moral compass. This film was shot by handheld camera, it is essentially a home video compiled over five years, documenting the ordeal of a small rural Palestinian village that falls into the path of rapacious Israeli settlers.
Something many people don’t understand about the war against Palestine is that the Zionist mandate isn’t just about land grabbing & suppression of evil Palestinians firing ineffective homemade rockets at Tel Aviv; it is ethnic cleansing, a cultural genocide. Israel’s practices are more & more designed to destroy the very identity of the Palestinian people themselves. Late night raids on randomly chosen Gaza families where a child is selected, arrested, blindfolded & taken away for months to detention centres where they are systematically broken.
This is done to destroy these people psychologically as a collective, rob them of what security they have left, to traumatise parents & children alike, tear apart family units to bring about the long term dissolution of the communities they belong to. They burn their olive groves, they time their rocket & airstrikes for the times of day when schools are filling & emptying so they can kill children. Israel’s military bomb schools, hospitals & police stations with white phosphorus which is a chemical weapon they use illegally against civilians. Palestinian children are seized off roadsides by IDF soldiers & tied to the fronts of (U.S made) Humvees as human shields to prevent the residents of Gaza using the only pitiful weapons they have left against them, the rubble of their own homes.
If this sounds like inflammatory stretching of the truth then satisfy yourselves & prove it wrong-go straight to YouTube & look for yourselves because it’s all there & it’s been there all along. One of the most salient woes in this entire travesty is that the evidence is as easy to find as a Yellow Pages listing but very few people care enough to look. Heck, I’ll even get you started; hit this.
If you knew what I have learned, you would suddenly find you no longer have a vocabulary that equips you to describe the disgust & utter despair you feel knowing that this happens while the world looks on & Western governments don’t just turn a blind eye but are directly complicit. If there are truly roots of evil in the world then Israel is the worst of them.


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