This blog was initially begun to address iniquities relating to victims of the 2011 earthquakes in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. We soon realised however that as much as there were heroes and villians in this singular situation, further afield in the wider world there were also many many more.

The blog is named in honor of Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, the Rennaissance writer, political philosopher & humanist. Machiavelli understood how the Truth could be manipulated to control the masses as do the publishers of this site. The Dunny, being a NZ & Australian colloquialism for a toilet, is in recognition of where the Truth can usually & eventually be found after the trans-global corporations, governments & organised criminal groups of the world have used it to wipe the blood & shame from their filthy, greasy paws and tossed it aside like used toilet paper.

The gonzonewsanddisasters.com domain is in honour of the late, great Hunter.S.Thompson, who made it his life’s work to restore Truth, humour and dignity to journalism and gave the world Gonzo Journalism. Thompson believed that the media has a sacred moral obligation to defend & support democracy by holding to account those who would divert & undermine it. In his collected letters published in The Proud Highway, Thompson regularly decried the state of journalism’s lack of commitment & impartiality. He would write to publishers, holding them to account for printing poorly written, weak, or slanted materiel. The ethos of this site is aligned with these ideals and while making no attempt to copy or emulate Hunter’s unique and outstanding body of work, we will continue the perilous & wonderful journey along the Proud Highway that he showed us.

Our torch is held aloft to light a platform on which opinion can be freely expressed- whether popular or not. The Truth is not often easy to hear, or even to hear at all. Finding its essence is akin to the Alchemist’s riddle itself. Can we trust our media estates? In a word, no. The media is bought and sold like the cheap whore it is. The definition of Truth is quantified & dictated by advertising revenue & corporate manipulation. Fear not the governments of this world attacking your privacy & right to free speech, they are in receivership to global corporations whose cause is worldwide control & total power. A government can bug your phone, but corporations will bug your mind.

We encourage your participation & input, and will publish all materiel deemed honest and genuine or just downright funny by our editor. Your comments and own writings are most welcome for submission.

To those interests out there who seek to manipulate, deceive and control, to those filthy shits in positions of privilege who think you can get away with greedily sucking the life of this planet & its people, we put you on notice- if and when we find you, we will expose you.

Read it and weep.


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