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Gin & Viagra, Society’s Ruin

We are debating whether this guy deserves a Brickbat of the Week Award or a Peabody Award for Best Comedy Act of 2012. So many questions come up from reading this article: Half a bottle of Gin affecting the gentleman in question’s ability to drive safely we get, but where does the Viagra come into the … Continue reading

Welcome To The Third World New Zealand.

Sad  and paranoid rantings from the Dunny this night children of the Age. Dunny staff doing what they do best-mining amongst the filth that passes for truth in this country’s degraded systems of media propaganda and political sodomy. They have also been bracing the maggots at the cash job end of the city’s magnificent Phoenix-like … Continue reading

The Rape of The Daughters of Leucippus

It would appear that despite an evidently woeful lack of love for the sports loving staff at the Dunny, that there are in fact a few of you out there who appreciate our inebriated rantings. As luck would have it we just brought the team home in a near catatonic state from having witnessed the … Continue reading


Front-line military personnel have as good a grasp as anyone of what it’s like to hung out to dry by those who should know better. As such the military have developed a vernacular to communicate their frustrations to each other. From what I understand the anagram SNAFU means “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”, as in … Continue reading

Robbers or Rescuers?

Does anyone have first hand experience with cases of  [alleged] misappropriation/theft or misconduct on the part of demolition (and associated) contractors working within the Christchurch CBD post February 22 earthquake?

Today’s Brickbat Goes To…

These wankers used to live a few doors down to us. They ditched due to the Christchurch earthquake and in doing so chucked all their crap out on the side of the road for someone else to clean up. Since the council and it’s contractors no longer perform collects of this kind and are somewhat … Continue reading

Grinding Gears…

Quake Diary #2 As I sit here at my kitchen table on the 4th week anniversary of the 22/2/11 Chch earthquake I find myself pondering aspects of the situation from perspectives I’d not have had three weeks ago. Take for example my personal situation, I’m sitting here stuck at home, no workplace to return to, … Continue reading

Just Add The Tumbleweeds & The Picture Is Complete

A film maker friend dropped by today, he suggested the You Tube footage in this link Central Christchurch Earthquake Footage . It appears to be an officially sponsored piece(s) and gives a pretty accurate picture of the severity of the central city’s condition. There’s a good deal of dissatisfaction being voiced by business owners about … Continue reading

When First World Meets Third

Eastern Suburbs Fate.   For those of us who are actual homeowners in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, John Key faces his greatest test of our faith. Lets face it, and I say this living in the midst of a socialist worshiping district that has its most recent genesis in decades of left-wing nannying and … Continue reading

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