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Gin & Viagra, Society’s Ruin

We are debating whether this guy deserves a Brickbat of the Week Award or a Peabody Award for Best Comedy Act of 2012. So many questions come up from reading this article: Half a bottle of Gin affecting the gentleman in question’s ability to drive safely we get, but where does the Viagra come into the … Continue reading

In Recognition Of…

Larry Flynt, publisher, pornographer and champion of free speech. Mr Flynt has been smeared, sued, imprisoned, and even paralysed by those that would subdue his right to publish. We don’t ask, nor expect you to agree with him, or even like him, and I’m sure Larry Flynt doesn’t care either, however the man has stood … Continue reading

Show Me a White Supremacist in Christchurch.

Fairfax”s local asset “The Press” published an article in this morning’s issue that stated Christchurch is the home of [NZ] white supremacy quoting Massey University sociologist Paul Spooney. The central figure of this piece of sensationalism was once again presented to us in the activities of that woefully juvenile serial clown Kyle Chapman, face of … Continue reading

Welcome To The Third World New Zealand.

Sad  and paranoid rantings from the Dunny this night children of the Age. Dunny staff doing what they do best-mining amongst the filth that passes for truth in this country’s degraded systems of media propaganda and political sodomy. They have also been bracing the maggots at the cash job end of the city’s magnificent Phoenix-like … Continue reading

Boasting Headhunters

What a red letter week. The United System of Assimilation finally knocked off bad guy number one. What an appalling piece of underestimation by the Zionist media machine… Well that’s how a White Supremacist might have put it. What I’m interested in is Hone Harawira’s take on the situation. We have in the “Developed World”, … Continue reading


MachiavellisDunny apologises for our  recent lack of intellectual stimulus directed at the ignorant and foolhardy, luck would have it we are temporarily stymied by deficiencies in the song machine/ ergo; do not tolerate sceptics or dismemberers, I hate you all equally and justice shall be done at a better hour than this///

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