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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: 2013 Dunny Awards

It is a popular custom among publishing & general media circles at the end of each year to bestow fatuous awards upon villains & heroes who featured in keynote events of that year. Out of character with our usual clearly voiced distaste for the falseness & fascileness of mainstream media, Machiavelli’s Dunny feels there are … Continue reading

Who the Hell is Kim Dotcom?


Apologies for absences and neglect readers, the Dunny Editorial Team have been on a compulsory sabbatical, the agenda of which we had Mr Ernest Hemingway draft for us-it’s involved a lot of fishing and testosterone+alcohol fueled risk taking behavior. Not to worry folks, we are all refreshed and happy to back on duty as your bugle of truth once again!

So a previously unknown fat German gentleman has been dominating the antipodean media of late. Kim Dotcom has acquired a popular notoriety via a generally sympathetic media. Don’t get us wrong, they have done a wonderful job of presenting the facts objectively for a change and not predetermining the fellow’s guilt in advance of his trial as so often is the case.

What is it with big Kim? Is it the fact he’s a jolly looking chap and even a child could see he wouldn’t hurt a fly? Is it the fact that he Robin Hooded a bunch of thieving profiteers and beat them at their own game? Or is it because that despite the fact the NZ psyche knows it’s wise to fear them, they feel a deep & righteous outrage at the USA’s bulldozer tactics while using the New Zealand taxpayer’s police force to violate the rights of yet another foreign national in someone else’s country? 

Sending a team of navy SEALS into some towel headed third world cesspit like Pakistan to whack a global bad guy like Bin Laden was one thing, but this is our country (isn’t it?). Here we have a gentleman of considerable means-self made no less- with a family, and an entourage of highly intelligent, qualified European professionals working with him. There is no real evidence at this point that Dotcom has broken any laws at all. If we aren’t mistaken he has NZ residency at the very least, and to all intents and purposes, until recently at least, he was quietly getting on with his business out there in Coatesville.

Next thing we know we have an FBI Hollywood style raid going on complete with helicopters and armed offenders squad smashing the man’s door in and dragging him and his people off to prison. The long reach of the US Federal Govt-which evidently also extends all the way up the anus of the NZ Govt-has had all big Kim’s assets & cashflow frozen, which, considering the size of the man’s weekly outgoings, stands to potentially ruin him. Further to this, and possibly most fundamentally outrageous, is the fact that the NZ prosecution is “acting on behalf of the US Govt”. Excuse me? Is anybody else wondering when our justice system whored itself out to a nation of gangsters who define justice as the will of their Zionist masters?

Allow us to tender an opinion here. The US Govt has just enacted one of the most dubious & potentially shaky pieces of legislation in its history, a cadre of laws that potentially violate half the ammendments in their constitution. I speak of course of the SOPA bills

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